COVID-19 vs PA Hunting & Fishing Seasons.

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

"I'm an outdoorsman with a keyboard and i'm worried about how this social distancing is going to effect our hunting and fishing season's."

Isolation From The Outdoors

The Chaos of the Corona Virus has brought changes to every life in America. Major sporting events putting a hold on things to our favorite restaurants doing curbside pick ups, or some closing there doors completely. Precaution is definitely needed in our every day lives but to what degree? If your looking for a New York Times style blog post your in the wrong place! I'm an outdoorsman with a keyboard and i'm worried about how this social distancing is going to effect our hunting and fishing season's. Am I selfish to think this way? Maybe so but many of you out there like me, we live our lives to support our family and spend time hunting and fishing! I don't mean to offend you but don't lash out at me, remember you might be trading me toilet paper for deer steaks before this thing is over!

Lets Wet A Line

Earlier this week the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission announced they have made some changes. Eliminating the separate regional dates swell as moved the mentored youth date to April 11th, the March 28th date will no longer exist.The new state wide opener is April 18th. I'm really not sure how our health or wellness benefits from the Fish and Boat Commission shit canning the regional dates and all of us being at our favorite waterways all at the same time but I'm sure they are doing it with good reason! I'm concerned with our older anglers trying to buy a license online "Yes uncle Bill I'll be right over, and no you can't print it on toilet paper". Think about that for a second..... The sporting goods stores are closing so in addition to license sales, where are you going to get hooks and bait? I'll be in the spillway using a rooster tail and Frosted Flakes! Don't count on amazon to get your gear, they are following suit with selling essentials only. I'm sure I got some #10's tangled in my fishing vest right beside the wax worms that have been in there since last year!

If you look forward to helping stock your local waterways be sure to make a few phone calls before you show up behind a stock truck with your waders on! The state has also announced that volunteers will not be permitted to help with the stocking. What is your opinion's on how this virus will effect our seasons? Will the minor changes to trout season be it? Or will turkey season be effected to? I wanna hear your thoughts! Remember take care of your family, your friends, yourself and wash your hands!

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