Mother Natures Solution to Quarantine Boredom

Lets Face it, If you have been stuck in your home for the last few weeks your probably starting to go bat shit crazy just like me! If the highlight of your day is putting in a instacart order and waiting for it to show up while you finish season 2 of Yellowstone on Paramount Network your not alone! The weather has been working against us since this shit started, but the temps are starting to rise and that big bright thing in the sky we haven't see in awhile has been showing itself! Although much of our freedoms has been taken away from us, there is still some outdoor activities that we can do during all of this!

All State Game Lands are Still Open! Lace up the boots and take a hike, get some fresh air! The spring is a great time of year to Scout! you can see a beat down deer trail from a long way! The dreary dead hardwoods can expose a whitetails vulnerabilities before everything springs back to life! Its a great time of year to do some shed hunting, Its been a weird year when it comes to bucks and dropping horns! The mild winter has definitely let the boys hold onto there head gear a bit longer than usual, but now its go time! Go out and get them sheds before they become a chew toy. Last but not least, MUSHROOMS! We are getting to that time of year, as turkey season approaches them baby's are starting to pop! You can bet you won't get any advice from a veteran mushroom hunter other than what you will fine on the internet, so do some research and go have some fun! The moral of the story is Nature is still open! We can hike, bike, scout, fish, all while social distancing! So get your ass off the couch and go spend some time with Mother Nature!

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