Quarantine and Longbeards

With most of us living a unfamiliar lifestyle these days during our mandatory quarantine our lives are effected in more ways than we realize. We discover new things each day we take for granted, whether it be going to the gym, sitting down in our favorite restaurant for lunch or for the majority of us going to work and making a living. No matter the industry it is effected by this plague. Im a Construction worker and TV Producer. My day job was put to a stop on this past Thursday, falling under the Non-Life Sustaining Business Category. I understand the thought process of whats life sustaining and what isn't, It's a no brainer we need hospitals to stay open VS me digging a foundation for a new home. BUT for all of us that work for a living, all of our jobs are life sustaining for our families whether it falls under the government selected category's or not. I'm not going to rant about things we can't control, these are the cards we are dealt and we have to do the best we can with it. Hell my neighbor is so bored right now he's cutting his grass! In Pennsylvania. In March. Think about it.

Keystone and Content

One of the many things we use as a content generator for the show is traveling states during the hunting seasons trying our luck. With a laundry list of the events that have been planned for months or even since last season, many have been postponed or even canceled. Its hard not to have some concern in the back of your mind when your packing your bags to make a tour across the country. To some it might just seem like a hunting trip, but to those in the industry, its a business trip. Our sponsors and partners rely on us to produce new content every season. Ok so what am I getting at? Chances of a Travel Ban. I might be calling a bird

to the gun barrel in South Carolina and that vibrate of the cell phone in my pocket might be a txt alert that says " it don't matter where your at, you gotta stay there". Now I'm not apposed to that to a degree seeing I can shoot more than one bird in SC and Joey Yusko is a badass cook. But with all the unknown in this situation, how far will things go, HOW FAR CAN THEY GO? I don't know about ya'll but I'm ready for some normal! Let me know how this craziness has effected you! Above all, Our health of our loved ones and ourselves is most important! Do your best to protect yourselves, and remember as bad as this storm seems its eventually going to pass.

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