The Keystone Experience

So this past week we sat down to start a journey of unfamiliar territory, Launching a Podcast!

What better way for a group of friends to get together, have a few beers, laugh and talk about a few topics. Rob Warrick and Matt Pitzer are now Hosting The Keystone Experience, the official podcast of KWO. With the help of the guys and girls of Creek Archery "Also Keystone team members" they have spent many hours of trail runs over the last few weeks in the KWO studio. Our intent is to be entertaining and informational with our podcast, interactive with the listener as well. We want you to be able to ask us a question through social media platforms or directly, request the topics we cover in the podcast to who you would like to hear interviewed! The cabin fever is setting in with us all in the area, being stuck at home, constantly reading/hearing about the current pandemic. This show can keep your attention for the 56+ minutes of content, hopefully getting a laugh out of you or better yet getting you thinking about hunting season!

The new episodes will air weekly, the open conversation will cover the outdoors along with many other topics. As our hunting season progresses we will being adding the behind the scene events of our hunts and adventures building Season 5 months before they hit the big screen. We are really excited for this Podcast to take off, another way for us to stay in touch with our listeners and lets face it, another reason to sit down and talk about hunting and fishing! Here is Episode #1 " The Start Of KWO" Check it out!

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